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Individual Savings Account

Individual Savings Account

A Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA) is arguably the most powerful tool in the successful United Kingdom investor’s toolbox. It provides the a tax free engine that drives wealth creation.

Each year every adult resident of the United Kingdom can invest after-tax money up to a sizeable given annual limit, and any subsequent income or capital gains generated are completely tax-free.

There is also a variant of the marvellous investing device for children, that works the same as the adult accounts but with a lower annual limit.

This makes ISAs are one of the few tax breaks available to everyone that actually encourage saving and investment.

How do Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account work?

Functionally an ISA is just a special type of tax advantaged brokerage account. Like any brokerage account, fees and charges vary markedly, and will have a big impact on your overall investment performance.

Monevator maintains a great brokerage fee comparison table. Always “trust, but verify” to ensure you find the best deal for your own circumstances.

Accessible on demand

Money invested in an ISA can be withdrawn without penalty at any time. There are no age limits or lock-ins like those associated with pension accounts.

Dip in and replenish… within the same tax year

Investors can withdraw funds from their ISA, and then subsequently replenish them again, providing both events occur within the same tax year, and the ISA account terms and conditions support this flexibility. Miss that year-end deadline however, and the future tax-protected status of the withdrawn amount is gone forever.

Utilise your annual allowance each year

ISA allowances are like health, beauty, mental acuity and fitness… basically one of those “use it or lose it” type of deals.

An additional allowance is allocated to each taxpayer each year, but prior year allowances lapse if they are not taken up.

Get rich… slowly

If you’d been taking full advantage of your annual ISA allowance since they were introduced, and investing in a low cost S&P500 total return tracker, then today you would be sitting on tax-free investments worth more than £3 million!

S&P500 Total Return Individual Savings Account Contribution

S&P500 Total ReturnStocks and Shares Individual Savings Account Contribution


You can’t change the past, but you can ensure that you make good use of the allowances available from today onwards. Providing you haven’t fallen into the debt trap,  and once your basic living cost needs are met, then from a financial perspective utilising a Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account is most cases the best thing you can do with your after-tax money.

Next Steps

  • Use a comparison website to evaluate the best bank accounts for you.
  • Open the Stocks and Shares ISA most suited to your circumstance (you will need your proof of identityaddress, and tax identifier if you have one).
  • Periodically validate that the account you have remains the best deal for you.
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  • The Rhino 22 February 2018, 19:35

    Dip in and replenish… within the same tax year

    That’s potentially true but not necessarily true. If it’s a flexible ISA you can do that and in some circumstances it could be very valuable. But not all ISAs are flexible ISAs. You need to check the small print. Don’t assume you can do that! Could be an expensive mistake!

    • Slow Dad 22 February 2018, 21:33

      Good shout Rhino, my initial wording was a bit loose there. I’ve added that very important caveat.